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Vastu Engineering is advance form of Vastu Shastra

In ancient times we use to follow certain rules, while constructing a home or shop but 50 year ago we forgot shastra due to lack of space and flat culture. People started suffering from diseases and financial problems. And vastu shastry used to suggest demolishing a part which is in negative zone. Now here I will explain old vastu shastra name eight directions technology.

North, North-East, East, South, South-East, South-West, West and North-West.

Calculations of these zones were made from rising of sun and sun set. But these zones couldn’t describe the flat and mall cultures where one has to compromise seeing above some our scientists invented the angular method of calculation of zones which is very much accurate. Further scientist has described sixteen (16) zones of old vastu shastra. A sixteen zone compass was made with equal angular distance of 22.5 degree. Thus total being 360 degrees. Which is universal truth? This compass is so called “SHAKTI CHAKRA”. Which explains each zone and its attributes? Further our scientist developed a machine so called “AURA ANALYSIS”. This machine is wonderful and gives results.

On the basis of percentage a particular zone of a building is balanced. In ancient time vastu shastri used to demolish a object placed in negative zone. Thus people were afraid of vastu shastra. They started avoiding which resulted in giving negative results in their routing life. To overcome our scientist developed micro vastu so called vastu engineering.

Vastu engineering developed remedies viz color therapy, color bulbs or Tapes. In advance form scientist also developed Power Bars. Which contains minerals (Natural)? These power bars not only absorbs negative energy of a zone but converts energy to positive for e.g. North is zone of Water and if fire comes in this zone this will disturb human aura as our body contains much of water. To balance the above situation scientist manufactured power Bars.

Crystal Pyramid: crystal pyramids are designed as a very good source of positive energy even about 5000 year before “Mummies” were kept in pyramids, which are still keeping bodies as if they are kept few days before. Egypt is attracting thousands of tourists every year which adds to their economy.

Pyramids are filled with natural stones, pure rudraksh (Lab tested) which gives positive energy. Power Bars are also manufactured by our Indian scientist and the results are quite amazing.

Too observe a building we need

    • Map of building,
    • Opening of building


Opening direction is measured by compass. Now a day’s digital compass has taken place of manual compass. Digital compass gives accurate results which help a engineers to divide a building in to sixteen zones. with the help of Aura Analysis each zone is tested and remedies are suggested accordingly. In this way no demolition is done only one have to shift objects and balance is done by power bars and crystal pyramids can be kept on the floor. If the building is constructed. In case of building under construction these can be placed inside the flooring.

Now let me explain how these remedies work. All the energies of a building enter from opening (positive or negative) depending on the direction of main door. These energies go to centre of building which is known as “Brahamasthan”. From center again energies are distributed in different zone (sixteen)

Thus these energies travel inside the flooring cannot be seen by naked eyes. Our Aura analyzer senses these energies.

Aura analyzer is a scientific device and works on electronic sensors.

Calculation of these energies is made by Analysis on percentage basis on each zone. A vastu engineer calculates total energy and redistribute according to zone by using remedies.


Thus a vastu engineer working is entirely different from vastu shastry.

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Vastu Engineer is going to change your life style if followed properly.

1st time in India remedies based on Vedic vastu to engineering of energy. Vastu engineer way to

Micro vastu or vastu engineering useful
  1. 1 BHK to Vilas
  2. Shop to Show rooms
  3. Market to Malls
  4. Factory to Industries
  5. Restaurant to Hotels
  6. Clinic to Hospitals
  7. Small Plots to acres of Land
  8. Classes to Colleges
  9. Building to Societies
  10. Farm House to Resort Clubs
Micro Vastu supports you in –
  • Clarity of mind
  • Joy and Happiness
  • Personal Influence
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Money Flow
  • Fame and Recognition
  • Power and Confidence
  • Break on Wastage of Money and Energy
  • Improves Studies and Carrier
  • Controls Abnormal Behavior
  • Strengthens Family Bonding
  • Maximum Production
  • Overcome Depression
  • Increase in Orders and sales
  • Financial Support
  • Quality Products and Services
  • New Opportunities
  • Goals Achievements
  • Health Healing and Spiritual Improvement
  • Overcome Bad Habits
  • Support from Nature, Society and Systems
Old 8 zones
16 Zones | Shakti Chakra

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